Washington D.C.

 Every building in Washington D.C. seems to be a goliath stone sculpture, elegant as they are large, elaborate as they are intimidating. Each step your foot takes is a one of heritage and importance. In just a few hours and many steps later, we feel imbued by the art and history of this place. Enjoy the pictures while we rest for the Science Festival tomorrow!

"Our Liberty to Worship is not a Concession nor a Privilege, but an Inherent Right."

"The Voice of Reason is more to be Regarded than the Bent of any Present Inclination."

No matter what sculpture, monument or historical building you are admiring, it's message is executed with vision and understood only with deep contemplation of the symbols, figures and words selected.

The Lincoln Memorial, bathed in the sunlight and shining like a beacon of wisdom, appropriately modeled after the Parthenon.

And we still managed to find a little piece of home.

USA Science Festival!

Hey folks! I just got into Washington D.C. where the 2nd annual U.S.A. Science and Engineering Festival is happening this weekend! I'll be covering the event with photos, interviews and video Saturday and Sunday!

You can find the Current Post HERE where I've asked the Current Community to help me decide what scientific subjects I should report on! I'll be putting up info on Science Time as well!

Follow me on Twitter for live updates and use #sciencetime and #scifest to see pictures and info all weekend!

If you are in the area, come on down! The event is FREE!


Here's the rundown of what's new in bloggery this week!

Brand New on Science Time- my interview with Dr. Peter Jansen, the man who brings us the Open Source Tricorder, 3-D Printer designs and Artificial Intelligence that learn like infants do. Great for Trekkies, Futurists, and Science Lovers everywhere!
" I grew up in Canada with parents who were (and are) very generous even through very tough times, and very strongly believe that life is about bettering ones self and helping the people and the world around us.  Accessibility and science education is a huge part of the Tricorder project, and I would feel incredibly honoured to be able to look back in 20 or 30 years and see that I had contributed to kids being able to learn more about their worlds, and make positive change."

On Fangirl World we are tracking Avengers Vs X-Men with pages and panels and a bit of snarky pondering. Catch up with #0, #1 and #2!

Also I weigh in on Before Watchmen with questions on Creator's Rights and Moore's predicament with DC. While they cash in on his vision, other respected and talented comic book writers and artists bring the origins of his characters to life in a project he calls "shameless."

Catch a great documentary, the Codes of Gender, shared now on The Museum of Sexism in it's entirety for free! Exploring our social relationship to advertisements, this film points out the artistic concepts behind print media poses and how they reflect our cultural attitudes toward men and women. Visual proof of ad after ad will convince you to look a little deeper into the images we see everyday.

Since the War on Women is the political buzzword these days, I offer some vintage propaganda for you as well.


Local Art Scene: The Studio Around The Corner

Brewster was formed in 1849, named after land owner Walter Brewster.
As we parked on Main Street, Brewster somehow felt like a whole different place yesterday. Was it a new appreciation for the architecture of the local churches, stretching into the blue sky, sunlight dancing on stained glass? Was it the wind whipping through the town, tossing my dress around as my husband I walked down the concrete? Was it slipping down the sidewalk to the back of brick buildings to find a hidden gem of art and culture, The Studio Around The Corner?

The Studio is located at the back entrance of 67 Main Street, Suite 101.
The building used to be Town Hall but is now home to The Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition, a non-profit organization with a focus on cultural events like art shows, dance, theatre and music. The front door definitely has a "this used to be a court house!" type of feel, and the small doorway betrays the surprisingly large and beautiful gallery that lies beyond its threshold.

The Court House feel is present, with a small yet heavy door and a sign in area when you walk in.

The Coalition has been able to transform the court house into a clean and modern looking art space. New wooden floors, one tasteful rug and simple brown chairs decorate the gallery without overpowering the art on the walls. Their hanging method includes a small buffer space between the grey part of the wall and the ceiling with hooks every few inches, making it easy for paintings of different sizes and dimensions to be hung. The painted brick and exposed ceiling made us feel as if we had just stumbled into an underground studio in NYC.

Great space, tons of adequate lighting!
Simple and comfortable.

Saturday was the opening for artist Karen Jacobs, a color pencil artist who's work was occasionally abstract, always intricate and crafted in color patterns that keep the eye busy. These are the type of works that you could look at for a long time,come back later and still find something new. Faces and eyes peer out of swirled lines and patchwork color shapes. Karen is able to work across an entire page in splashes and assortments of geometric concepts in some pieces, like Exploratory Visions, or contain the colors into a more controlled look, like Harmony, one of my favorite pieces that was displayed.

Exploratory Visions
As any good opening should have, this one came complete with a spread of fruits, cheeses and wines, knowledgeable and friendly studio staff and the satisfying sound of an electric guitar in the background. The music of the evening was provided by Jason Lisko, a great musician who lends his talent to a number of bands that play both locally and in New York City. The Studio frequently looks for "low key" music to support their openings and has an in house keyboard available.

Cheese is always welcome at any event I attend.

The Studio has a nice area to accommodate one or two musicians.

Jason switches from guitar to the house keyboard.
I'm really glad to see the Cultural Arts Coalition is fulfilling their mission of bringing interesting and creative events to Southeast Brewster. The Studio Around The Corner said they were booked nearly through the year, so we can look forward to many more openings like Saturday's coming up soon! If you are coming to the ARTBEAT Street Fairs, it's the perfect opportunity to stop by and say Hello!