The Lament of an Analog Girl in a Digital World

Before we dive into my first world problems, Happy New Year!

Now then!

What does an artist in 2013 do when bombarded by the perceived need of an alternate life we call a web presence? I have struggled many times with the appropriate websites for different kinds of content, and it seems like pretty soon it becomes impossible to regularly update them all. HEY FANGIRL! No one told you to start three blogs and join all those sites! I know, imaginary italic antagonist, but I did!

And in the New Year, I face some questions going forward. What's better to view images, the collection style of Pinterest or the #coolerthatireallyam #filterseverywhere style of Instagram? Do I care about Twitter? Can Fangirl World, The Museum of Sexism and this very blog be updated on a somewhat coherent basis? Will I ever restock my Etsy store? Should I tell everyone to follow me on Facebook?

And lost in this search is the most important thing,

of course,


The actual content I want to convey!

All of these websites hold different purposes or display content in different ways, but I want to actually be creating art, playing music, studying modern feminism, EXPERIENCING LIFE without feeling like I need to "share" it with the alternate dimension of the INTERNET, where my slightly better looking bizarro friends are taking pictures of their food and speaking in memes.

So I'll try, interwebs, I'll try once more to keep up with you and have some kind of web presence like they say I need, I'll try not to Walden out and flee to the woods, but rather live in some reasonable balance. And I'll try to redesign the blog so it doesn't look like I made it when I was 15. I'll try- but I can't make any promises, as I MIGHT instead be in yet another alternative universe, the one created when you read a really good book or play the guitar for a few hours or create something from nothing on a blank canvas! In parting, I leave you with this: