Updates! Zazzle Launch, What you missed on ST & MOS

Hey hey! Last post I talked about all the Fangirl pages I've been making and warned you I'd be adding another to the mix- a Zazzle store!

Get details over at Fangirl World and shop well friends! Etsy is next, and then I will consider my Fangirl website empire complete... (for now!)

All this Fangirling means I haven't posted my new material for Science Time and Museum of Sexism yet- it's waiting in the wings! Meanwhile ... catch up on what you may have missed!


ScienceScape is mapping scientific research in a whole new way! I interviewed co-founder Sam Molyneux about their mission, their process and how Sciencescape will organize millions of pieces of scientific literature!

Does the anti-suffrage propaganda of the early 1900s still affect our opinions on feminism today? Answers come in the form of vintage images compared with modern day media. Check out the 2nd installment of Symbols of Suffrage: The Marytered Man-Wife at the MOS!

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