Washington D.C.

 Every building in Washington D.C. seems to be a goliath stone sculpture, elegant as they are large, elaborate as they are intimidating. Each step your foot takes is a one of heritage and importance. In just a few hours and many steps later, we feel imbued by the art and history of this place. Enjoy the pictures while we rest for the Science Festival tomorrow!

"Our Liberty to Worship is not a Concession nor a Privilege, but an Inherent Right."

"The Voice of Reason is more to be Regarded than the Bent of any Present Inclination."

No matter what sculpture, monument or historical building you are admiring, it's message is executed with vision and understood only with deep contemplation of the symbols, figures and words selected.

The Lincoln Memorial, bathed in the sunlight and shining like a beacon of wisdom, appropriately modeled after the Parthenon.

And we still managed to find a little piece of home.

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