Local Scene: Art Beat in the Street!

Brewster locals got a surprise yesterday as they walked down Main Street; artists had taken over! In front of many historical sites such as the Southeast Museum and the Brewster Public Library, painters, sculptors, photographers and crafters had set up shop- myself included! Photographers talked about their techniques, landscape painters shared stories of breathtaking mountains and lakes, multimedia mask makers created pieces as you watched! The Second Saturday Band rocked out near The Studio Around the Corner, filling the air with bright and full renditions of classic rock favorites.

We are part of a movement meant to re-inspire Brewster's Art and Culture scene and we're getting a little help from Bob Dumont, owner of The Bowl Company in Brewster and founder of Art Beat. May 5th was the start of a series of street fair style Art Beat shows happening in Brewster this Summer, the first Saturday of each month.

Join us on June 2nd, July 7th and August 4th for an eclectic mix of creativity, talk to the artists and SUPPORT LOCAL ART AND MUSIC!

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