If you missed it ...

Big new posts are coming these week, so catch up on all the cool you missed before Monday!

How strong is Spider-Man's webbing? How powerful is Tony Stark's arc? I met Doctor and Professor James Kakalios at the USA Science and Engineering Festival. He's the author of The Physics of Superheros and he sat down with me for a few moments to discuss just that! We talk about his favorite heroes, the newest Iron Man vs Magneto fight from Avengers vs X-Men and his consulting work on the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man. Professor Kakalios may be a nerd at heart, but his secret agenda is to get people interested in science. Check out the video at the Science Time blog!

I'll show you the War on Women of the early 1900's- when Women were fighting for the right to vote and anti-suffrage propaganda painted a historically important picture of feminism that still affects how it's viewed by the general public today. I have collected these images into a four part series called Symbols of Suffrage. Catch up on the first set, The Unlovable Feminist, on the Museum of Sexism today! The next installment debuts this week!

Take a little Sneak Peak at some of my homemade handy crafts meant for nerds, geeks and fangirls and boys everywhere. I'll be selling them at some local art shows this summer, as well as working on launching an Etsy page for lots of fantastic Fangirl fun.

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